TYRA: Touch Rugby: Abbreviated Rules

Players: 5-10 per side. Coaches to work out specifics pre-game
Field Size: Minimum 1/2 of rugby pitch running from touch line to touch line.
Duration: 10-20 minute halves (20-40 minute games). Longer for more players.
Start of game/restart: Kick/punt from mid field. Older group drop kick
Play: No forward passes, no kicking the ball in play,
no blocking, no shoving, no diving on or with the ball. First player to touch a loose ball is awarded possession. Scoring team retains ball possession for restart.
Calls: “TAG” is called when the ball carrier is tagged with two hands at
waist. Ball carrier has 3 steps or 3 seconds to make an optional pass. The “TAG” call is to simulate contact but no ruck or maul formed. ***NOTE*** There is no offsides at a “TAG” call (unless offsides prior to play) for defense as ruck or maul has not formed.  High tags (chest/shoulders) will not be called.
“Tackle” ball carrier has been tagged 2 times or if defender makes 1 tag but is in front and square to defender(probable tackle at first contact). The “tackle” call is to simulate a ruck or maul has formed and the defense must retreat 5 meters. ***NOTE*** the “tackle” call made inside of the 10 meter line will be brought back to the 10 meter for re-start.
“Ball Out” is called when the scrumhalf passes the ball out at a tackle or when the ball is tapped at a free kick. Defense can advance at this call. Ball must be distributed within 5 seconds at a tackle. Scrumhalf must pass ball out at tackle and uncontested scrums or penalty will be awarded (not applicable to free kicks).
knock-on/forward pass: Free kick from the mark. Older groups to incorporate uncontested scrum and agreed upon prior to game. Defense must be back 5 meters.
Touch/out of bounds: Free kick from the mark and defense must be back 10 meters. ***NOTE*** if a kid is pushed out of bounds at a “tag” call allow them to maintain possession. If a kid is “tagged” and they run out of bounds it would be a turnover.
Restart kick: Not going 10 meters or out the back of dead ball line, opposition gets free kick at mid field and defense back 10 meters.
Foul play/ penalties: Shoving, diving on the ball, un-sportsman like behavior, offsides, shepherding/ obstruction etc. free kick at the mark and defense back 10 meters.

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