2020 Spring Tackle Practice

Practices will start on Tuesday, March 10, 2020.  

Practice will begin at 6:00pm and last until 7:30pm or dark, whichever comes first. Players should be kitted up and ready to begin practice at 6:00pm.

Practice sessions will be Tuesday & Thursday with most games being on Sunday in the surrounding triangle area. Players are welcome to join Cary Rugby at any time during the season.

Practice Location: 1458 Hampton Valley Rd Cary, NC 27511

For communication with club members, event updates, etc we use TeamSnap. The practice and game schedule can be found on the team calendar but changes have been known to occur due to weather or other uncontrollable circumstances.

All players, both new and returning, need to complete the following items.

Player Registration and Code of Conduct (Spring 2020)

Liability Waiver (Spring 2020)

Spring Tackle 2020